Victoria Orenze – I Get Backing

Victorian Orenze, the singer-songwriter at the forefront of Kadosh Records, has once again graced us with a gospel song titled “I Get Backing,” a soulful piece that aims to bless the name of the Lord. This inspiring track is part of her album, “Truth in Sounds,” which Kadosh Records has released and published.

“I Get Backing” serves as a profound worship experience, as Victoria Orenze shares her journey of walking hand in hand with God. Through the powerful mediums of praise and worship, the songstress beautifully conveys that her support and strength come from the divine.

For those who resonate with the belief that God is their ultimate support, “I Get Backing” is a highly recommended listen. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the uplifting melodies and profound lyrics, embracing the spiritual journey it unfolds. Listen to this touching composition below and let the harmonies resonate with your soul.

Listen and Download Victoria Orenze – I Get Backing Below


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