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Ola Dips Biography and Wiki

Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, aka Ola Dips, a 28-year-old Nigerian artist, renowned as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and text battler, hails from Ogun State, born on March 24, 1995.

Initially signed by Reminisce, Ola Dips faced a contract cancellation with EDGE/LRR Records due to a dispute with his boss.

His major breakthrough came when he secured the second position in D’Banj’s The King Is Here Challenge.

Music Career

Ola Dips Biography

At the age of 16, Ola Dips embarked on his musical journey, starting as a text battler and gaining recognition among Facebook rap enthusiasts, notably winning a significant battle against Don Geo.

Initially renowned on Facebook, Ola Dips transitioned from online fame to street recognition, spurred by the positive reception of his Yoruba-infused lyrical style, prompting him to start recording his music.

His rendition of a Drake and Trey Songz track received widespread acclaim, followed by his emotionally powerful song “Don’t Let Dagrin Down,” dedicated to the late Dagrin, earning him considerable praise.

The turning point arrived when Reminisce signed him to LRR/EDGE Records, leading to the release of hits like “Bounce,” featuring label head Reminisce, and the well-received “Lalakukulala.”

Feud With Reminisce EDGE/LRR Records

On July 1, 2019, news surfaced about Ola Dips’ departure from LRR/EDGE Records, causing a stir in the Nigerian music scene. He subsequently released a song that criticized Label CEO Reminisce, alleging contract fraud and negligence.

Ola Dips claimed his decision stemmed from a slow career trajectory contrary to promises made, coupled with insufficient investment in his musical journey. The label, however, countered stating they were only providing support and had no binding contract.

In his song, Ola Dips expressed feeling deceived, mentioning he left the label with a mere 23,000 Naira ($63) in his account.

Despite the conflict, recent speculation hints at improved relations, indicated by their frequent interactions, leaving comments on each other’s Instagram posts, suggesting a potential resolution between the two parties.

Ola Dips Top Songs

Ola Dips established a unique presence in the music industry by blending English, Yoruba, and Egba, a style that sets him apart from other rappers despite his youth.

On the list of his tracks are:

  •  Dreams and Realities
  •  5am in Ogun state
  •  Hello (Adele cover)
  •  Asalamalekun (Reminisce cover)
  •  Bounce ft. Reminisce
  •  Dont let Dagrin down
  •  Ello Bae
  •  Shoki
  •  Chache
  •  Champaigne
  •  Rapture

Ola Dips Net worth

Following his departure from the label, Ola Dips has been thriving and has amassed an estimated net worth of $65,000.

Social Media

You can connect with Ola Dips via the following social media platform;

Instagram: @OlaDipsOfLife

Twitter: @OlaDipsOfficial

Cause Of Death

A video emerged on November 15, 2023, showing Oladips asking his friend for a ride to the hospital after messaging earlier about needing medication. As he was being taken to the hospital, his friends could be heard shouting his name after he seemingly lost consciousness.

The reason for the young singer’s passing remains unknown at this time.

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