Inkos’yamagcokama – MALE BESTIE

South African singer-songwriter, Inkos’yamagcokama, has triumphantly returned to the music scene with the release of his highly awaited track, “MALE BESTIE”. This captivating song is a must-add for any music enthusiast’s playlist, showcasing Inkos’yamagcokama’s exceptional talent and distinctive sound.

“MALE BESTIE” stands as one of Inkos’yamagcokama’s most remarkable releases to date. Its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics resonate universally, appealing to listeners from various backgrounds. This track encapsulates the essence of Inkos’yamagcokama’s musical style, emphasizing his knack for creating enthralling and memorable compositions.


As Inkos’yamagcokama’s latest 2023 single, “MALE BESTIE” signifies an exciting new phase in his career. With its undeniable allure and relatable themes, this song is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry, further establishing Inkos’yamagcokama as an emerging luminary.

“MALE BESTIE” finds its place within Inkos’yamagcokama’s highly anticipated project, “NATIONAL ANTHEM”. This inclusion highlights the track’s significance and cements its role in this much-awaited musical collection.

Listen and Download Inkos’yamagcokama – MALE BESTIE Below


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